I fail to comprehend the corrections


I'm new using this program so i'm testing it, just for you guys to know. Also i'm not a native english speaker so my cohession and grammar may be terrible but I'll  be as precise as possible.


Ok so my first submission was this piece of text:


Honored in the greatest duty of all, may its gaze pierce every shadow of doubt, may no whispers can conceal malevolent intentions past their auscultation, and that every entity heed their every command as it was a thunderous roar by his majesty himself, The Spirit King, composed by 6 ancient judges and 40 wise councilman withholding the judiciary power with authority over the entire legal system of Soul Society, they are known as Central 46


Its a piece that i'm currently writting to be used as "flavor text" of a fantasy fiction forum, to describe a section


And this was what the first correction of the software: (its long i know so i will try to explain what i didnt understand first)


It advice me to review my use of the word every and recommends me to find another word that agrees with the pronoun, I dont even know other word or see what is wrong with it, not saying that your software is failing or anything alike, its just that my poor english skills fail to comprehend  and since no suggestion for every was given im confused.


The other thing is that i read a example that is in the bottom for aother thing the software found over my text:


Incorrect: A student is stimulated by his deadline.
Correct: A student is stimulated by his or her deadline.


i'm profoundly confused since i cant phantom what is the difference between the incorrect example and the correct form.


Thanks for taking time to read this


Review this sentence for pronoun usage               Ensure the verbs and pronouns relate to the singular indefinite pronoun in your sentence, “every”.  Consider changing the word to agree with the pronoun. Indefinite pronouns are words like a few, some, each, everything, none, and either.   Indefinite pronouns are always singular.  The pronouns or verbs that refer to the  indefinite pronoun should also be in the singular form.  


Incorrect: Something on my computer are making it slow.


The verb, “are”, must agree with the indefinite pronoun, “something”.  The verb should be changed to “is”. Incorrect: Each of the scientific inventions was presented by their inventor.
The possessive pronoun, “their”, does not agree with the indefinite pronoun, “each”.  The possessive pronoun should be changed to “its”. Exception:
The pronouns must agree in gender. The English language does not have gender-neutral pronoun (it is impolite to refer to a person as “it”).  If one gender form of pronoun is used in the sentence, gender stereotype will appear.  In this case,  the generic pronouns "he or she",  "his or her" may be used or write nouns in plural form. Another strategy is to omit  personal pronouns in the sentence.

Incorrect: A student is stimulated by his deadline.

Correct: A student is stimulated by his or her deadline.

Correct: Students are stimulated by their deadlines.

Correct: A student is stimulated by deadline.

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