A passive voice in my article


I wrote a sentence:

The first event of distributing cash through reducing capital is conducted by Formosa International Hotels Corp in 2002. 

I think it is all right, but the Grammarly correct me for the passive voice. How can I rewrite it?

passive-voice asked Dec 21 '12 at 17:12 Jen-Chang Liu New member

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This IS passive voice. See Patty's article to determine if Passive Voice is acceptable in your situation.


However, to make it ACTIVE there must be a subject in the sentence that performs an action on an object in the sentence (Bill threw the ball.) instead of the object being acted upon by the subject (The ball was thrown by Bill).


To make your sentence active you would reconstruct it like this:


Formosa International Hotels Corp (the subject)

is conducting (performs an action)

the first event of distributing cash through reducing capital in 2002. (on the object)


On a personal note, the "object clause" seems a bit wordy to me and should be more concise. Also, there are other Active constructions possible for this sentence, but I'm not up to figuring out all the possibilities.

link comment answered Dec 22 '12 at 08:56 Tony Proano Expert

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