Correct the Following sentences


1. For fear of re-sitting a paper, Kojo have o cracked his brain to pass last semester's examination.

2. The Assemblemanadviced his constituents to keep their environment clean to avoid the outbreak of communicable diseases.

3. Politicians who advocate for a change in government do not do anything different when they are given the mandate.

4. Senior High School students have gone on a 25 day holiday

5. Although he was not happy with his job, there was nothing he could do about it.

6. I did replied my boss because I no he was angry

7. This examination is the cheapest one I have ever written.

8. The lady, who served us at the canteen yesterday, is a witch.

9. Managers, who misuse state resources, shall be dealt with by law.

10. The gentleman, sitting in the corner of the room, has never been serious.

11. Beautiful ladies, who sell themselves for money, are likely candidates for hell.

12. Children, who come from affluent homes, are mostly notorious.

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I have seen that film last week

link comment answered May 08 '16 at 18:32 Dhinakar New member

They departed to London

link comment answered May 08 '16 at 18:37 Dhinakar New member

they're /they are twelve years old

link comment answered Oct 27 '16 at 15:47 areeba New member

Arrangements were made for tomorrow's program

link comment answered Nov 10 '16 at 04:25 NA Mala New member

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