listing of topics, what to put at end of the sentence. Closing punctuation ?


If I sum up a list of topics, what do I have to put at the end of each line ? A full stop, a comma, or nothing ? And do I have to start each sentence with a capital ?

Example ;


When I cannot sleep, I can do the following activities :

- go and watch TV

- play with my pet

- drink a glass of milk

- Google to find a sleeping method


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Since you've prefaced the list as a sentence anyway, in other words you can write this without the bullets, I would say that yes you need to punctuate as if it were a sentence.


First, there's no space between "activities" and the colon. Second, since the list is rather long, you're probably better off using semi-colons (the ";" punctuation) after each bullet point but commas would suffice.


On the other hand if you had made the list like the following:


Things I do when I cannot sleep

  • Point one
  • Point two
  • etc

Then I think it would be fine to write however you'd like.


All in all, there isn't a standard for writing bullet lists, just follow the regular rules of grammar depending on how you introduce your list in the form in which you do so.

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