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Please advice me with some books since I'm new in USA. I thought I would focus on improving speaking. I've started my college, I wrote some research papers. This is my first school in USA. Everything of papers was good except grammer and teachers deducted marks only for grammers.  I have completed high school in another country. I usually dont make grammer mistakes for writing small sentences. But, for research papers, I was writing big sentences, so may be I need to learn writing big sentences.


I know I can just google and find out helpful resources. But, I'm not sure what is good fit for me. I'm not sure if they are more than beginning or the books are old or for are just for kids. This time, I would like to follow one book or one website and finish all the syllabus from the book or the website. Which book would be good fit for me? If you can recommend a book for american spoken english, that would be great too.


If I just learn small pieces from many websites, I wont be able to understand if I'm done with grammer. If I can finish one great grammer book , I can understand that my grammer is complete. Even, I dont want to use old grammer rules that native people wont like.


Thanks for your help.

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It is up to yourself to decide when and if you're done with your grammar. Naturally, our prospects are related to our language skills. If we say, 'no more now', and our levels are not high, some job opportunities might be gone. I'd be curious about your opinion on a grammar without rules to memorize, feel welcome to have a look, it's free,

Teresa PelkaMar 03 '13 at 13:43

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