Vice Premier of People's Republic of China


How to address former Vice Premier of China, address and salutation.

asked May 18 '11 at 13:44 Barbara South New member

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In a formal letter you should address the letter to the "Vice Premier <full name>", for example.  After leaders leave office, they often retain their titles, without adding the words 'former' or 'ex-'.  Think of how we still refer to Presidents G. H. W. Bush and W. Clinton as "President".  It is usually acceptable to use the the word 'Honourable' to show distinction and respect.  For example: "Honourable Vice-Premier <full-name>".


In the salutation, aim for more formal, rather than less formal.  


"Dear Vice Premier <full name or last name only>,"


If you a constituent of this former leader, you can add 'my' before 'dear'.



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