The Old Watcher held onto his walking stick


       The Old Watcher held onto his walking stick, which helped him stand up. Then he continued his story. “One night, after the farmer finished his work, he came to this river to throw in some coins. Two muggers hid behind the bushes and sprang out on him. They robbed him, murdered him, and threw his body into that river. Today his spirit haunts this river and people had seen his head changed into a fish. So they call him the Fish Man.” The Old Watcher walked to the edge of the river and watched the water past by him. Jay remained quiet and listened to old man. “What you give today will reward you tomorrow,” he continued.
      “I am sorry that happened to Mr. Fish Man,” said Jay.
      “The Fish Man wants his legacy to continue, he said that anyone that crosses this river without leaving a crown will be cursed.”

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