Passive voice...maybe?


Is this passive voice? Should I change it to active voice?

See example:

The Chief's heart breaking, sincere words echo in the ears of the white men as they take a moment to reflect on the tragic damage to come if the purchase is made.
asked Dec 13 '12 at 03:25 Faith New member

I think the part that is passive is when you say that in the ears of the white men. Instead you should say the White men's ears or something along those lines to make it clear .

Luz RodriguezDec 13 '12 at 03:58

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The only instance of the passive voice that I see here is "purchase is made" instead of "make the purchase."  I don't think this is a particular problem, though it might be helpful to see the context (the rest of the paragraph before and after this sentence), in order to decide what some alternatives might be.

link comment answered Dec 13 '12 at 13:34 David Contributor

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