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Take a Bite A few weeks ago, Apple launched its latest product the iPhone 5. And as with just about anything released by Apple nowadays, thousands of people across the country lined up a long line that went on for blocks and camped outside all night in the cold, rain, or windy weather just so they could be among the first people to own this new iPhone. Many of those people admitted that they did not know a whole lot about this new product, but said they just wanted to get it for the sake of it. It is amazing to witness a phenomenal frenzy that draws millions of people across the country like a gigantic magnet. Time and time again, Apple manages to create “must have” products that are visually appealing and irresistible for consumers. Nowadays, it is hard to have a discussion about innovative technology without mentioning the word, “Apple.” The company’s name has become synonymous with innovation. Over the last few years, Apple has been creating a technological revolution with its innovative electronic devices that enable people to connect, accesses, and share information like never before. Apple products like the iPhone give clients the ability to multitask using a single device. People can surf the web, check their email, or book a table while in the middle of a phone call. However, innovation alone cannot elevate the Apple brand to where it is now. It is not like Apple is the only company creating smartphone, music players, laptop, or computer tablets. Other competitors such as Google and Microsoft have come out with similar products, which either have cheaper prices and/or same capabilities. But none of them has been able to make a significant impact and drive people into a crazy phenomenon like Apple. The recent success and popularity of Apple products may lie in the company’s philosophy to keep its products simple and the tendency of human nature to follow the crowd. What sets Apple apart from other electronics and computer companies is its simplicity. Apple understands that having an abundance consumer options is great, but it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming and easily lead consumers to confusion and frustration. So Apple comes up with a simple marketing strategy. Instead of confusing consumers with various models and factory specifications, Apple condenses its product lines into a simplified line up: one cellphone, four types of iPod, one tablet, two notebooks, and three types of desktop computer. Not only does this make Apple products less confusing for consumers, but it also helps them to limit their choices and easily differentiate each product. Having a simple product line and narrowing down consumer choices allow Apple to maintains its brand awareness among consumers and focus more on improvements and new projects. Apple believes in making complicated technology easier to use. Therefore, Apple’s philosophy to keeps its products simple does not stop there with their product line up. The doctrine continues in the design and functional elements of a device. According to that doctrine, Apple focuses on designing products that are high-end and user friendly.  The result of those commitments really pays off. User interface software consists of element such as the touch screen, motion controls, or Siri allow consumers to easily use and understand Apple’s products. Those advances Apple make on user interface allows people to almost immediately know how to use Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone, or iPad right from the minute they pick up.  As a result its ability to design user-friendly products, many consumers fell in love Apple and it became a dominating force in the market. However, the philosophy of Apple alone does not make people buy Apple’s products and push the company to success, the phenomenon creates by Apple also has to do with human nature. People have a tendency to follow what is popular and take their cues from others. Individuals follow a crowd like birds in a flock or sheep in a pasture. This is not a new thing in human history. Trends are a part of life. Following trends can be trace back to as far as the Stone Age, when early humans discovered fire. Why do people follow trends?  Mainly because, it is a social thing; humans are highly social creatures. We do not like being alone, isolated away from others. We want a sense of belonging. So we join trends to connect with others. Likewise, one-reason Apple products became such popular items to have is simply because people are following a trend. They are jumping on Apple’s bandwagon train because it is cool thing to do these days. People love to purchase Apple products in this country. In fact, according to a recent report by CNN, half of U.S household own at least one Apple product. Being in a crowd and following a trend provides one a social comfort zone and an acceptance among their peers. As one of the biggest and most innovative technology companies in the world, Apple has never ceased to amaze people with its ideas, imagination, and creativity. The company understands what consumer needs and knows how to delivers irresistible products that delight millions of people. This is not magic by any means. The driving force of Apple’s recent success is the company’s philosophy to keep its product to be simple and the tendency of people to follow what’s popular. When these two factors combine brilliantly, they push Apple to where it is today: a global icon.

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