direct or directly?


I go directly to the Airport. or: I go  direct to the Airport?

asked Dec 10 '12 at 11:31 Günter Unangst New member

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Both direct and directly are adverbs: the latter being 'of time or place'.  Direct is most often used in the sense of communicating 'without intermediaries'  e.g. I will contact you direct.  If you say, I will contact you directly, it means 'right away'.


'Direct' can be an adjective as in the above answer, but the usage is unusual. 'Straightforward' would be clearer.  'Direct' insult e.g.  a 'slap in the face' sounds right. Idiom is everything in language, colloquial or otherwise.

link comment answered Feb 02 '15 at 03:07 telglobal New member

Directly is correct here since it is an adverb. Direct is an adjective. So you will say I am a direct man but I will go to the airport directly.

link comment answered Dec 12 '12 at 03:47 tatjanaXX New member

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