1 answer
Ellipsis or period
Let me talk with my husband. We would love to celebrate with you! I will let you know as soon ...
+1 vote, asked 1 hour ago by Colleen Forbes
1 answer
Use of would
Which sentence is incorrect and why?1. Ahmad told me that he would bring two pens for me.2. They said that ...
would Wouldhave teachers learners help 0 votes, asked 6 hours ago by khan
2 answers
Asking my friend
With whom he is getting married ?
0 votes, asked 7 hours ago by Saanu
2 answers
change in to indirect speech.
"She cooks delicious food," said Ravi.
0 votes, asked 8 hours ago by nusrath
1 answer
Capitalization Usage
I just readded this because my first request was not clear. Which is correct for a salutation: Good afternoon everyone, ...
0 votes, asked 8 hours ago by Lisa
1 answer
Capitalization Usage
Which is correct: Good afternoon everyone, or Good afternoon Everyone,
+1 vote, asked 9 hours ago by Lisa
1 answer
transitive or intransitive verb
1.Every one sat at the table 2. He managed to reach the theatre on time.
+1 vote, asked 9 hours ago by nusrath
1 answer
Word re-ordering problem
As English is my second language, I am currently having a problem in word re-ordering. On my example below, I ...
0 votes, asked 12 hours ago by Pedro
2 answers
Grammar and usage
is this structure correct both in terms of grammar and meaning? "can you show me what kind of a pattern ...
+1 vote, asked 12 hours ago by sari
2 answers
Water and Lake
Is it correct to say: "As water fills a lake...." or "As a lake is filled with water..." ??
+1 vote, asked 13 hours ago by Shirley Perkins
1 answer
A friend of mine is a public speaker, and I wanted to get a quote printed on my wall. I ...
0 votes, asked 13 hours ago by LoveTrumpsHate
2 answers
Join sentences without using and but or so
Is that bus big? Can it take all my friends
0 votes, asked 14 hours ago by Rjsharma2343 Sharma
2 answers
what is correct (grammar) to ask
Is the title work completed? or Has the title work been completed?
0 votes, asked 15 hours ago by elizabeth
2 answers
"So" or "such"
"The were so difficult questions. " Is this sentence correct or should it be with (such). Also I have another ...
so such corrections 0 votes, asked 16 hours ago by Ubeyde
1 answer
Grammatical mistake
Garment in leather or Garment of leather?
0 votes, asked 19 hours ago by Abhilasha Arya
2 answers
correct tense of verb
1.varanasi ........since 1960.(had changed, is changed, has changed ✔) 2.I know all about the film because I twice.(had seen, ...
0 votes, asked 19 hours ago by nusrath
1 answer
is these makes correct sentence
u also be with me in same cage?
0 votes, asked 20 hours ago by Swathi Gurappagari
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Convert to reported speech
"Boys",said the teacher, sit on the benches I have got something interesting for you".
0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by Omkar Patil
3 answers
Are the following sentences given below with the subject line correct?.
Hybrid Dual function Multimeter instrument device design. Is it possible to design and construct a Dual function Multimeter instrument which ...
Hybrid Multimeter Digital Analog Dual 0 votes, asked 21 hours ago by Prashant Akerkar
1 answer
"It is in your best interest to have your letters proof read as when they are received by the recipient ...
+1 vote, asked 21 hours ago by Lizzie
1 answer
Voice Change
he refused to be discouraged by his failure(Voice)
0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by MANAS KUMAR MANNA
0 answers
how to write a mail to hr stating
how to write a mail to hr stating that whatever documnts i have with me i hav submitted to her ...
0 votes, asked 22 hours ago by Asha Shaik
1 answer
I invited my friend to my room he is first visited to my room
He is the first person to came my room
0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by Nagaraj koppad
1 answer
grammar problem here............
Are these sentences correct?????and how to use it?? 1- I already ate that cake 2- I have eaten that cake ...
grammarcorrection 0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by lolikullila
0 answers
is this sentence weird but grammatically correct?
"It's a sad world sometimes, and beautiful others." is this sentence right?
0 votes, asked 23 hours ago by Calvin Hamilton
2 answers
need help in few sentence
Hey guys Can some one please correct the following sentence which represent an event Engg had rolled out a change ...
0 votes, edited 23 hours ago by shila
1 answer
"To Be" Verbs
Is there a website online that can convert sentances to remove "To Be" verbs to sound more sophisticated?
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by zack
2 answers
asking salary
please transfer my salary. really in need of money
+1 vote, asked 1 day ago by noisyboyjp
2 answers
use of could have and could have been
Can someone tell me why we use sometime " been " with could have? For example 1. They could have ...
teacher teachers tenses could learners +1 vote, asked 1 day ago by khan
1 answer
please check tense and grammar used
I will also do the same if you fight next time
0 votes, asked 1 day ago by Aryaman
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