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    • Instantly proofread your text and correct
      over 250 types of errors.
    • Enhance your vocabulary usage with
      context-optimized suggestions.
    • Avoid plagiarism by checking for originality and generating citations.
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    Grammarly will analyze your document in real time for over 250 points of grammar, plagiarism, word choice and much more.

    Receive a detailed report of issues and suggestions for improvement.

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    • Copy and paste a text into the editor. Press “Start Review,” then wait for the review process to finish.
    • Get a detailed report highlighting mistakes and other issues.
    • Review a list of issues and suggestions for improvement.
  • Grammarly vs. Microsoft® Word

    Example mistakes caught only by Grammarly

    Contextual Spelling The philosopher did not speak allowed often.
    Modifier Presenting your ideas effectively improves communication.
    Preposition Be careful for the ice, the steps are slippery!
    Punctuation "Let's go outside" said the boy.
    Quantifier Do you want more or less apples?
    • Review this sentence for commonly confused words.

      Ensure you do not confuse similar words with different meaning.

      Suggested correction:
      The philosopher did not speak aloud often.

    • Review this sentence for squinting modifiers.

      The modifier “effectively” may be defining either clause in your sentence and is therefore a squinting modifier. Make sure it is clear which clause is being modified by this word.

    • Review this sentence for preposition misuse.

      Your sentence may use “for” after “to be careful”. Please re-read your sentence and ensure you have used the correct preposition.

    • Review this sentence for comma use.

      Ensure there is a comma between direct quotes and the attributive tag. The attributive tag, (“said”), should be separated from the quote by a comma; consider inserting one.

    • Review this sentence for quantifier usage.

      The quantifier “less” may not be appropriate for the noun which it modifies. Clearly identify the noun as countable or uncountable, and consider changing the quantifier, as appropriate.

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