Rules of Participation

By providing my email address to Grammarly, I understand that I am volunteering to co-write a novel with Grammarly and the Grammarly community. As such, I will abide by the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service outlined herein.

Code of Conduct

I have committed to writing between one sentence and 800 words to be included in Grammarly’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project, #GrammoWriMo. Out of respect for other writers from the Grammarly community, I will not delete others’ writing. I will write only original content, and I agree that all of my contributions will be subject to edits by the Grammarly team.

In other words...I cross my heart and double pinky promise to be a team player, write well, and have tons of fun.

Terms of Service

I agree to co-write a novel with Grammarly and the Grammarly community during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2013. All content submitted to the site will become property of Grammarly; it may not be reproduced or shared without prior written permission.

Participants will be notified by the first week in November 2013 about when they will be expected to contribute to the Grammarly NaNoWriMo novel. All content must be added to the appropriate Google Doc during the agreed upon period, and writers will not have a chance to go back and edit their work. The Grammarly team will make the final edits to the novel.

By submitting your content, you are promising that you own all rights to all material, including all persons, places or organizations included or depicted. You hereby grant Grammarly a worldwide, non-exclusive right and license to reproduce, prepare derivative works incorporating, publicly display, market, sublicense, and sell the content.

Grammarly’s NaNoWriMo project is open to participants in the United States and internationally. Profane submissions will be disqualified or edited subject to the Grammarly team’s final approval.