Benefits for Instructors

Grammarly@edu was built from the ground up as a complement to classroom instruction by helping to ensure quality of the work that students turn in, and, in the process, improving students’ writing skills.

Learning by doing

As students work on writing assignments for various academic disciplines, they turn to Grammarly@edu for rich and meaningful feedback that streamlines the revision process. In addition, our methodology of connecting theoretical instruction to the students’ real writing challenges promotes an integral understanding of formal writing standards.

Adaptive Reference Content

To focus the development of strong writing skills, Grammarly@edu adapts instructional feedback to actual problem areas in a student’s paper. Serving reference content from a built-in writing handbook, Grammarly@edu provides students with comprehensive writing guidance that is sufficiently detailed to be absorbed during a paper-revision session.

Other benefits include:

  • Instructional Tool. Engaging user experience with instant feedback helps develop sentence-level writing skills.
  • Teachable Moments. Structured approach to paper-revision process ensures that valuable learning moments are seized upon when students proofread and revise their own work.
  • Writing Handbook. Comprehensive reference content on over 250 points of grammar delivered when students need help the most.
  • Multiple Genres. Content and feedback adapted for multiple academic disciplines and writing genres.
  • Instant Availability. Students need nothing but their email address to sign up; no training; no adoption costs; zero learning curve. Learn more


  • Engaging user experience with instant feedback
  • Comprehensive reference content covering over 250 points of grammar
  • Citation assistance to promote academic integrity
  • Content and feedback adapted for multiple academic disciplines and writing genres
  • Fully automated Web-based solution with no software to install
  • Immediate rollout across the entire institution
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