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The Chronicle of Higher Education's survey shows that almost 50 percent of faculty members say that freshmen are not adequately prepared for college-level writing. Is your institution well-equipped to manage the disparity in students' writing skills? Are you sure?

What is Grammarly@edu

Grammarly@edu is an automated grammar tutor and revision support tool. A web-based solution, Grammarly works one-on-one with a student to develop essential writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits and prevent plagiarism. Students upload drafts of their writing assignments to Grammarly to receive immediate instructional feedback on over 250 points of grammar. An algorithmic and structured approach to text revision ensures that valuable learning moments are seized upon when students proofread their own work.

Features and Benefits

  • Automated Grammar Tutorials. Patent-pending technology identifies problem areas in student writing, and delivers instant instructional feedback on over 250 points of grammar.
  • Revision Support Tool. Engaging user-interface transforms the revision of written work into a learning session that is both structured and connected to students' immediate writing challenges.
  • Built-in Writing Handbook. Comprehensive writing handbook facilitates sentence-level skill development by linking granular, easily-understood reference content directly to students' mistakes. View sample card.
  • Citation Audit. Originality detection technology allows students to check their own work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of 10+ billion documents.

Writing Support Solutions for:

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“Almost 50 percent of faculty members say students are not well prepared for college-level writing”

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