Grammarly for Blackboard™ Instructor Guide

Grammarly for Blackboard™ is a tool that helps instructors evaluate quality of writing in student papers and provide students with expanded feedback. Grammarly points out mistakes in student work and automatically generates detailed explanations, facilitating grading of papers.  Grammarly reports can be archived, printed or sent to students, to help students understand their mistakes and avoid similar errors in the future.  Instructors can use Grammarly to evaluate any paper submitted by a student to Blackboard or to analyze any text uploaded by instructors.
  • Login to Blackboard

    Login to your Blackboard account and click the Courses tab. Then click on any course you are teaching in the list of courses.

  • Open Grammarly

    In the “Course Management” menu in the lower left part of the screen, select “Course Tools” and then click the “Grammarly” link.

  • Select an Assignment

    You will see the Grammarly main page with a list of all assignments in your course. Please choose one of the assignments to see students' submissions.

  • Check Uploaded Text (Optional)

    If you would like to check a document that is not in the list of assignments submitted by students, you can click the “Review My Text” link above the list of student assignments. The Grammarly editor will open in a new window. Type or copy-and-paste your text to the main text area of the editor, and then click the “Start Review” button.

  • Select a Submission

    You will see the list of student assignments with more recent submissions at the top. The list includes all submission attempts for assignments that allow multiple attempts. To request a Grammarly report for any uploaded file or text comments, click on the "View Report" link next to the corresponding item. A Grammarly report for the selected text will open in a new window after a short delay.

  • Sending Reports to Students

    You can review the report in the Grammarly editor window or send a copy to the student who submitted the assignment or to someone else (e.g., a teaching assistant). To email the report, click the “Send” button on the right margin. Usually, the “Student email” field is pre-filled with the student's email address from his/her Blackboard profile. To send the report to a different email address, please type a new email address into the “Student email” field. You may send report multiple times, if you need to send it to more than one recipient.

  • Archiving Reports

    To archive or print a report, click on the “Save/Print Report” link to download a PDF version of the report that can be printed or saved on any computer. You can also obtain an encoded permanent link to a report by clicking “Get permanent link to this report”. You can save or email the link for future use.