Is it really free?


What does the free functionality include?

Grammarly for Blackboard is a free Building Block enabling instructors to use Grammarly from within Blackboard. With Grammarly for Blackboard, instructors can generate reports on any student paper, including papers submitted to instructors via Blackboard and through other channels like email. Instructors can automatically forward interactive Grammarly reports back to students, and students can review reports in Grammarly. All this functionality is automatically available without any fees.

The free Building Block does not enable independent use of Grammarly by students for tutoring purposes. If needed, this functionality can be enabled with an institutional licensing fee. Alternatively, students of institutions using Grammarly for Blackboard who are willing to use Grammarly independently from the school can purchase individual licenses at a 50% discount off retail individual license prices. That is, by installing the plug-in, you make all your school's students eligible for a 50% discount if they decide to obtain their own Grammarly accounts.

What systems does Grammarly for Blackboard support?

Grammarly for Blackboard currently supports Blackboard Learn 9.1 and newer. We are working on expanding the range of supported Blackboard product versions. To inquire on timing for support of your course management system, please contact us at for Blackboard products or for non-Blackboard CMS. The number of inquiries may influence our prioritization of support for particular products.

Does Grammarly for Blackboard put any additional load on our Blackboard server?

Grammarly for Blackboard is a bridge between your Blackboard server and the Grammarly processing center, which does all heavy lifting. This architecture minimizes load on your Blackboard server below any measurable level.

Do you store student papers in a central database? What do you do with student information?

Unlike popular plagiarism prevention products, Grammarly has no need to maintain a database of student papers to do its job. Every paper Grammarly reviews is erased from our servers, as soon as the corresponding Grammarly report expires or is deleted by an instructor (it remains on your Blackboard server, unrelated to Grammarly). Grammarly also has no usage scenarios where one user's document would need to be displayed to another user, so there is no reason for privacy concerns.