A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 12

by • April 20, 2015
Excerpt of "Or," by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Help us to celebrate National Poetry Month; share this poem with your friends! Thomas Sayers Ellis is a contemporary American poet and literary activist from Washington, D.C. “Or,” Thomas Sayers Ellis Or Oreo, or worse. Or ordinary. Or your choice of category or Color or any color… MORE →

5 Amazing Library Facts

by • April 17, 2015
library is not a luxur

We know that libraries are portals to amazing knowledge and insight, but libraries themselves are also pretty amazing. Here are 5 facts about libraries that will amaze you. 1. According to the American Library Association, 58% of adults in the United States have a library card. 2…. MORE →

6 Commonly Misheard Song Lyrics

by • April 16, 2015
hold me closer, tiny dancer

You know that embarrassing moment when you’re part of a bar sing-along, and as you confidently wail gibberish lyrics to a classic song, the other patrons turn to look at and silently judge you for being totally clueless? Misheard lyrics, while hilarious, are a sure way to… MORE →