21 Books to Read Before Your 21st Birthday

by • May 13, 2015
C.S. Lewis children's story quote

Our memories of the books we read as children tend to stick fondly in our minds for years after we’ve grown up. We asked our Twitter followers to share their favorite children’s books with us, and here’s what they said. Whether you have children of your own… MORE →

What’s the Problem with Passive Voice?

by • May 13, 2015
How to ID passive voice with zombies tweet

If you’re a grammar nerd, chances are you have an opinion about the passive voice. Whether you think it’s acceptable or should be completely avoided, it’s important to understand what passive voice is and how it’s used. Passive voice occurs when the object of the action in… MORE →

Know Your Homophones: Feint and Faint

by • May 08, 2015

Faint: Lacking strength; inclined to swoon; lacking in courage, spirit, or energy; lacking distinctness; hardly perceptible. For example: Due to the summer heat, she began to feel dizzy and faint. In the early morning hours, the sunlight is faint on the horizon. The music in the background… MORE →