Some Eating Expressions, Just in Time for Thanksgiving

by • November 26, 2014

By Teacher Diane, Mouthwatering smells fill the air. Stomachs growl as everyone gathers around a table covered with food. In the center lies a large turkey, surrounded by stuffing, sweet potatoes, and a variety of side dishes. 

Every year on the last Thursday of November, Americans get together with their families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude and of course, to eat! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at some of the most common expressions related to eating. On Thanksgiving, it’s… MORE →

5 Things Admissions Officers Look For in an Application Essay

by • November 17, 2014

By David at Within your college application, your personal statement is your one opportunity for the admissions officer to “meet you”, to visualize the person behind the numbers. While no essay can save an unqualified application, an outstanding essay can push an otherwise mediocre application into the “yes” pile. However, writing a good application essay is hard. Many students write essays that are too cliché or too shallow; others write essays that are impersonal and uninformative; some are even unfortunate enough to write essays that cause their own rejection. This… MORE →