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Six Ways to Be a Better Writer

by • January 03, 2014
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Welcome to another new year! You can almost smell the resolutions in the air, can’t you? (They smell like cinnamon for some reason.) If one of your goals in 2014 is to be a better writer, the easiest and most effective way to improve is to practice… MORE →

#GrammoWriMo Plot Summary

by • October 29, 2013
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Updated November 15, 2013  Chapter 1 Our adult, female protagonist, Audra, is introduced. This chapter must establish that Audra is a magical wish-granter whose job is to clean the coins out of a small, unremarkable local fountain each night. She is fed up with the vain and… MORE →

A Word on St. Valentine’s Day

by • February 14, 2013

The origins of St. Valentine’s Day are a bit mysterious, and it is probable that the several different potential origins all factor into what we know today as Valentine’s Day. However, the general consensus is that St. Valentine’s day originated primarily from the story of Christian Saint Valentinus who would secretly officiate weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to be married under Roman rule.(1) Within many of the different Valentine’s Day origins, giving notes and cards is a common theme. Even with the rise of communications technology and rising doubt about… MORE →