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Celebrities on Twitter: Who makes more mistakes?

by • May 13, 2014

Grammarly recently compiled a list of the 25 most recent tweets from each of the top 150+ celebrities on Twitter, based on number of followers. Our team of proofreaders then corrected these tweets for spelling and grammar errors. Here’s a general overview of what we found: Female celebrities make fewer overall writing errors (11.1 mistakes per 100 words) than male celebrities (13.0 mistakes per 100 words) on Twitter Musicians are the worst writers in any category of celebrity, including politician, actor, athlete, and business leader, with an average of 14.5 mistakes per 100 words…. MORE →

Six Ways to Be a Better Writer

by • January 03, 2014
better writing, good writing, writing, New Year

Welcome to another new year! You can almost smell the resolutions in the air, can’t you? (They smell like cinnamon for some reason.) If one of your goals in 2014 is to be a better writer, the easiest and most effective way to improve is to practice… MORE →