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Bad Writing: What it Means for Your Career (INFOGRAPHIC)

by • March 05, 2013

Is poor writing an indicator that you will be less successful in your career? Kyle Wiens, CEO at iFixit, suggested as much in a July 20, 2012 article (“I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.”) which appeared in Harvard Business Review’s blog network. Yesterday, in honor of National Grammar Day, Harvard Business Review posted another article (“Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business”) written by Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover. Brad’s article provides real data to back up Mr. Wiens’ supposition that poor grammar predicts poor career outcomes. Here’s a breakdown… MORE →

March Forth to Celebrate National Grammar Day

by • March 04, 2013

National Grammar Day is upon us! Last week, the Grammarly team asked our Facebook fans to share original photos that capture some of the exceptional, awkward, and hilarious writing errors that they encounter every day. As a result, we received nearly 200 photo submissions that visually represent some difficult facts that have become representative of the state of English writing skills today. In the United States alone, low literacy (the ability to read and write) costs the economy $225 billion a year in lost productivity; and, writers who are not yet… MORE →

Cool Things We Do With Words: Vows, Oaths, and Promises

by • January 18, 2013

What is more special than a promise? As children (and let’s be honest, as adults, too) we valued promises highly among our friends and family. The act of promising and the act of being worth promising something to elevates our relationships. It’s a perfect example of how beautiful and powerful words can be. There are a lot of amazing activities we do with words and language. Few are as sacred or important as the vows or oaths that we make throughout our lives. Whether vocalized or put into writing, these words are… MORE →

What are we grateful for? Commas.

by • November 21, 2012

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Grammarly team polled more than 1,700 Facebook fans on what piece of punctuation they are most “thankful” for in their writing. The semi-colon, em-dash, and period, were top contenders; yet, overwhelmingly we learned that English writers are most thankful for the comma. Although writers enjoy the comma, many do not know how to use it. Misuse of commas is among the top grammar mistakes that writers around the world are making, according to a recent audit of English writers conducted by the Grammarly team…. MORE →

The Coolest Word in the English Language

by • October 22, 2012

Recently, we ran a poll on our Facebook page in order to determine what our community thought was the coolest English word.  Here were the top ten results: While you have probably heard many of these fun words, we wanted to make sure that you know how to use them correctly. Here are the definitions of these cool words: 1) discombobulate: v., upset, confuse. 2) plethora: n., excess, superfluity. 3) juxtaposition, n., the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also, the state of being so placed. 4) serendipity, n., luck… MORE →