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What do you think about gender-neutral pronouns? Take our weekly poll!

by • June 10, 2015
Should English introduce standardized gender-neutral pronouns? Poll

Many gender activists and even some linguists argue that plural gender-neutral pronouns — like they, them, their — are not acceptable substitutes for the unwieldy ‘his or her’, ‘he or she’ and ‘himself or herself’ constructions. There have been some attempts to create gender-neutral pronouns. But do we need them? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Poll: Where should writing be taught?

by • June 03, 2015
Should writing be taught across disciplines poll

Writing is critical for success in life. In order to better understand how people feel about the state of English language and writing education, we’ve put together a series of weekly polls. Cast your vote each Wednesday, then share your thoughts in the comments!