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Vocabulary Lesson: Flaunt and Flout

by • March 18, 2015
Flaunt is not equal to flout.

Flaunt means to parade, display with ostentation; to show off, as with flashy clothing: He flaunted his wealth by wearing a giant, expensive fur coat. I’m happy you got a promotion at work, but you don’t need to flaunt your success by handing out your new business… MORE →

Train your brain with these 4 spelling tips and tricks

by • March 12, 2015
Do you have trouble spelling amateur, conscientious, harass, or license? We have a few tips for you.

Amateur Something or someone that is amateur is non-professional. If you remember that amateur ends in a fancy French suffix (-eur), you’ll be able to spell this word correctly in both professional and non-professional situations. Conscientious Conscientious means thorough, careful, or vigilant. If you have a strong… MORE →