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7 Homophone Mistakes to Avoid

by • March 27, 2015
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When you’re speaking out loud, homophones sound alike, but when you’re writing them out, it’s a different story. Though they have the same pronunciation, homophones have slightly different spellings and totally different definitions. Since using the wrong one can completely change the meaning of your statement, it’s… MORE →

Vocabulary Lesson: Flaunt and Flout

by • March 18, 2015
Flaunt is not equal to flout.

Flaunt means to parade, display with ostentation; to show off, as with flashy clothing: He flaunted his wealth by wearing a giant, expensive fur coat. I’m happy you got a promotion at work, but you don’t need to flaunt your success by handing out your new business… MORE →

Train your brain with these 4 spelling tips and tricks

by • March 12, 2015
Do you have trouble spelling amateur, conscientious, harass, or license? We have a few tips for you.

Amateur Something or someone that is amateur is non-professional. If you remember that amateur ends in a fancy French suffix (-eur), you’ll be able to spell this word correctly in both professional and non-professional situations. Conscientious Conscientious means thorough, careful, or vigilant. If you have a strong… MORE →