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Know Your Homophones: Feint and Faint

by • May 08, 2015

Faint: Lacking strength; inclined to swoon; lacking in courage, spirit, or energy; lacking distinctness; hardly perceptible. For example: Due to the summer heat, she began to feel dizzy and faint. In the early morning hours, the sunlight is faint on the horizon. The music in the background… MORE →

Confusing Words: Versus vs. Verses

by • April 27, 2015
Verses and versus do not mean the same thing

Versus: against (especially in sports and legal use); as opposed to, in contrast to. (Often abbreviated as vs.) For example: The rivalry of the Green Monkeys versus the Blue Barracudas has raged for years. I’m weighing the pros and cons of the white-and-gold dress versus the blue-and-black… MORE →