Writing Tip no. 28

Don't complain.

Writing is a choice. How you do it is a choice. However, if you choose it, you have to do it largely on your own.

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Writing Tip no. 27


Literally. You’re sitting a lot, usually hunched over in some contorted position, entirely focused on a certain passage. Get up. Move. Stretch. November is …

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Writing Tip no. 26

Save it.

Don’t let your work go to waste. Turn on autosave in your word processor and back up your files on an external drive. November is …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

Writing Tip no. 25

When you just can’t seem to get the words to flow, try talking it out. Read the previous sections aloud (with minimal editing) and talk …

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Writing Tip no. 24


It can be easy to get distracted and find things to do that are more urgent than writing. Cut out the excuses and distractions when …

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Writing Tip no. 22


When you have got a lot of information to cover for a topic or a character, it can be tempting to lay all that down …

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Writing Tip no. 21

Use detail.

All writing can be helped by detail. Be sure to consider how to incorporate concrete, sensory details into your writing. This is true for fiction …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

Writing Tip no. 20

Use productivity tools.

When you think of writing, you may not think of the world of high-performance, high-output work. However, writing is a marathon, especially if you are …

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Writing Tip no. 19


Writer’s block happens to all writers at some point. Whether you’re stuck on a the phrasing of a paragraph or you’re struggling with how to …

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Writing Tip no. 18

Writing Tip no. 18 Own your new role. (small footer) Celebrate National Novel Writing Month! #GrammoWriMo #NaNoWriMo

Whether you are a budding author or a student working on a thesis, you are a writer. Feel free to own your new role as …

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