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“Where do you do it?” Meme Generators

by • November 11, 2013

Do you want to help us spread awareness for writing, GrammoWriMo, and NaNoWriMo? Or maybe you just want to show some of your writer-pride? Either way, we’ve put together a special meme for you to customize with your own #IDoIt caption. To create your own #IDoIt meme to share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and other social media channels, follow the instructions below: 1. Choose whether you would like a male image or a female image.                         2. Once you… MORE →

#GrammoWriMo FAQ

by • October 30, 2013
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What is #GrammoWriMo? In November 2013, in honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Grammarly has organized the largest group of authors to collaborate on a single novel—we’re calling the project #GrammoWriMo. How many people are participating? More than 750 people have signed up to participate in… MORE →

#GrammoWriMo Plot Summary

by • October 29, 2013
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Updated November 15, 2013  Chapter 1 Our adult, female protagonist, Audra, is introduced. This chapter must establish that Audra is a magical wish-granter whose job is to clean the coins out of a small, unremarkable local fountain each night. She is fed up with the vain and… MORE →

NaNoWriMo: Do It

by • October 25, 2013
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Guest Post from Hannah Rubin, I’ve always written. My childhood room is littered with half-full diaries, pages of poems, pencil marks in the margins of all my favorite books. None of these scribbles are particularly mind-blowing, but they do speak to something larger – an impulse… MORE →