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Does Grammar Really Matter on Your iPhone?

by • July 23, 2013

“Sent from my iPhone” are four little words that, when grouped together, mean: “Friend, please ignore my short response, along with any grammatical or spelling errors found within this email. These errors are the fault of my fancy phone, and not mine.” Lifehacker recently posed the question: Are “Sent from my iPhone” signatures useful or annoying? A study in the Journal of Applied Communication Research would suggest that smartphone users may have a little leeway for mobile emails – as long as you include that “sent from” phrase at the conclusion of your… MORE →

The Internet Doesn’t Have to Kill But Can Instead Cultivate Writing—Good Writing

by • July 10, 2013

Almost anyone who cares about language and knows about or uses the Internet has been guilty at one time or another of demonizing the world wide web for its effects on the English language. “The Internet makes it easy for people, including professional writers, to publish writing publicly without editing.” “The Internet encourages casual writing and doesn’t reinforce proper writing skills.” “Students would write better if they weren’t on Facebook all the time.” It’s easy to blame the Internet and say that if it didn’t exist, language would be on solid… MORE →

Grammar Revolution

by • January 27, 2013

Grammar Revolution is a documentary Kickstarter project by David and Elizabeth O’Brien, aimed at changing the way people think about grammar. From the Kickstarter page: Dear Backers, $22,000 is the minimum we need to finish the Grammar Revolution documentary. This fundraising campaign is all or nothing. We have to meet our goal of $22,000 by February 7. Your credit card will only be charged if we reach our goal. We’ve already filmed many amazing interviews, but we need your help if we are going to finish filming and do all the work needed to produce,… MORE →

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

by • December 31, 2012

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers Make time to write every day. Create an online presence as an author. Complete one piece of writing at a time. Read more. Find a place to write and make it your own. Set deadlines and submit your work. If you’re stuck, try a new genre Take a course to help you with your writing. Connect with other authors and find your community. Learn about ePublishing, learn how to market, and sell, your books and yourself as an author. by Amanda Patterson From Writers Write