On the Importance of Copying

Writing Tip: Use imitation to inspire creativity

Conventional wisdom says that copying from others is unacceptable. And while there is certainly a lot more glory in trailblazing, copying actually does have its …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

Does Cursive Still Matter?

Some teachers are facing a new and unexpected challenge in the classroom. They write on whiteboards. They make comments in the margins of essays they …

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The Great Indentation Debate

To [paragraph symbol] or not to [pargraph symbol]?

Writers have a lot on their plates. They have to fend off writer’s block, perform meticulous research, and ensure the content they produce captivates their …

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Uptalk? and Vocal Fry? An Epidemic?

What do you think about uptalk and vocal fry?

Some comedians create entire routines of celebrity impressions. Many times, the comedian doesn’t announce who he is mimicking. The audience recognizes the famous person’s voice, …

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Weekly Grammar Tips

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