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Why Text Messaging is Butchering Grammar

by • June 05, 2014
Emily Green, texting, text speak, shorthand, grammar

Guest post from Emily Green Well, it took a decade, but it’s finally happened. People text so much that they’ve forgotten how to use proper grammar. What’s worse, it seems like the general population is accommodating them. This needs to stop. Let’s look at why text messaging… MORE →

15 Words Invented by Shakespeare

by • April 26, 2014
Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl, Shakespeare, words, language, English

Guest post from Mignon Fogarty This week marked the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth. He is not only known as a timeless playwright, but also as a prolific inventor of words. Although modern researchers have found that some words originally attributed to him, such as puke,… MORE →