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Four Lessons Learned From E.B. White

by • January 07, 2014
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Guest Post from Zack Crockett “There is a secret joy in discovering a blunder in the public prints. Almost every person has a little of the proofreader in him.” Most remember E.B. White as the celebrated author of Charlotte’s Web – and with good reason. It would… MORE →

Off the beaten path: NaNoWriMo Writing Tips

by • November 22, 2013

Guest post from Matthew Quinn It’s been said that everybody has got a book in them, but in these days of the big publishers consolidating, the small presses overwhelmed with submissions, and truly vast offerings available via self-publishing platforms like Kindle Direct and Smashwords, it’s more important… MORE →

5 Reasons to Have Someone Else Proof Your Resume

by • November 07, 2013
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Guest Post from Brie Weiler Reynolds It’s tempting, especially for those in writing professions, to assume you can proofread your own resume just as well as anyone else. After all, you know your work history, the message you’re trying to convey to employers, and how you want… MORE →