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Speak like Yoda You Can

by • May 04, 2015

Whether you’re a diehard Star Wars fan or you’re still a newbie, chances are you know Yoda speak when you hear it. The Jedi master’s method of speaking includes quirky sentence structures, unusual words, and wise phrases. Read on for some theories of Yoda-speak and a guide… MORE →

The Dark Side of Mother Goose

by • April 30, 2015

Murder, torture, mass death by plague…not exactly the stuff of children’s literature, right? Actually, if you read the rhymes of Mother Goose, it is. Most people don’t realize the macabre history of these innocuous-sounding rhymes, but dig beneath the surface, and you’ll find Mother Goose poetry is… MORE →

A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 20

by • April 29, 2015

Help us to celebrate National Poetry Month; share this poem with your friends! Lewis Carroll is well-known for his Wonderland tales. However, Carroll is also a skilled poet. “Jabberwocky” is perhaps the most famous and is popular largely due to the way Carroll played with nonsensical words… MORE →