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5 Must-Visit Museums for Literature Lovers

by • May 15, 2015

May 18 is Monroe County Museum in Alabama Located just down the street from the childhood home of Harper Lee, the author of the famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the Monroe County Museum is the home of the famous courtroom in which part of the novel was set. The museum offers school field trip tours and teacher workshops about the history and context of the novel. It is also open to the public. Matchstick Marvels Tourist Center in Iowa This quirky museum features models of famous buildings, modes of transportation,… MORE →

5 Reading Suggestions for Bike-Lovers

by • May 15, 2015
5 Reads That Feature Cyclists

There are few things that unite people as much as a shared passion. Today, in honor of “Bike to Work” Day, we want to combine two loves — cycling and reading. We found a mix of fiction and nonfiction texts that will not only inspire your bicycle experiences but will also give you perspective on how cycling has been perceived throughout history.

Celebrate Mom with Proper Punctuation!

by • May 08, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day! How are you celebrating? Breakfast in bed? A handmade card? For many people, an even bigger question than what to do for Mother’s Day is where to place the apostrophe in Mother’s Day. Some people write “Mothers’ Day,” based on the logic that it… MORE →