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How to Stop “Mommy-Brain” from Hurting Your Writing

by • March 23, 2015
"Let's go bye-bye and get some din-din." Nope, being home with kids all day doesn't affect me at all.

Let’s face it, creativity is pretty limited when the only words a mom responds to are “no,” “mine,” and “I do it.” When I started writing a blog, it felt like I was sifting through cobwebs in my brain to get to words that were longer than seven letters. So how can a woman re-learn to create complete sentences with multi-syllabic words? Using the following three principles mothers can prevent atrophy of their word-smithing skills and recover writing abilities that have been lost from disuse.

Why Correct Grammar and Spelling Is Important For SEO

by • December 31, 2014

Guest blog post by Fathi Arfaoui Why Correct Grammar and Spelling Is Important For SEO Now you are in the world of technology and the web access. Everything has become in the access of all, locating any place in any corner of the globe. The foremost input of this widespread contact can be labeled to the encroachment in the SEO industry. SEO has made the existing organizations, struggle for their existence. This struggle has made the customers enjoy an unlimited number of products and informational content, with a competitive approach. To get a… MORE →