“Design This Book Cover” Contest Rules Sneak Peak

by • November 15, 2013

From November 18 – December 1, 2013, Grammarly’s GrammoWriMo Group Novel will be accepting submissions for the cover art of our first ever community-sourced novel. To read more about the novel, check out the summary page. To enter: Create a unique and interesting image built around the novel plot and the book title (no bigger than 2MB). Upload a clear photo of your cover art design. Provide a brief description of your design. Enter your email address. Click “Enter Contest.” Winners will be selected based primarily on votes and social sharing…. MORE →

25 Giggle-worthy Writing Quotes

by • September 29, 2013

(Image from Onomantomedia) Writing can be a serious, straight-faced endeavor. Stop staring at that blinking cursor and take a cerebral vacation with these hilarious quotes about the fails and prevails of writing. “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and… MORE →

Top #SummerReads for 2013

by • September 25, 2013

Summer has simmered down and school is back in session. What better way to keep the summer spirit alive a little bit longer than by encouraging you to pick up some of the top #summerreads from the Grammarly community? In early September, we asked our Facebook, Google+,… MORE →

Ice cream lovers and language lovers, unite!

by • April 24, 2013

“Hi, World! We want a Webby! Our CEO says that if we win, we can have an all-you-can-eat ice cream buffet! (We love ice cream.) Please vote and help us win a Webby!” We’re not above begging for help when it comes to two things: improving people’s writing and ice cream. Time is running out! Voting for the People’s Voice Webby Award ends April 25th! To help Grammarly.com win the People’s Voice Award, please: 1) Visit the voting page. 2) Click “Grammarly.com” (you’ll be prompted to sign-up the first time you click)…. MORE →

A Word on St. Valentine’s Day

by • February 14, 2013

The origins of St. Valentine’s Day are a bit mysterious, and it is probable that the several different potential origins all factor into what we know today as Valentine’s Day. However, the general consensus is that St. Valentine’s day originated primarily from the story of Christian Saint Valentinus who would secretly officiate weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to be married under Roman rule.(1) Within many of the different Valentine’s Day origins, giving notes and cards is a common theme. Even with the rise of communications technology and rising doubt about… MORE →