Grammar Madness: The Battle to Determine the Most Maddening Writing Error

by • March 16, 2014
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Since the dawn of writing, grammarians have been irked by sloppy and erroneous written communication. But over the past few years, it’s gotten increasingly difficult to go even a single day without seeing several writing errors. From street signs to Facebook status updates, unfortunate writing mistakes are… MORE →

Edit this!

by • March 03, 2014
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Tomorrow, March 4, is National Grammar Day – one of the most anticipated “holidays” in the Grammarly team’s calendar! In celebration, we are planning to run a series of “Edit This” mini-contests on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how the mini-contests will work: Grammarly will post images of three incorrect sentences… MORE →

Is Grammarly worth the price?

by • February 20, 2014
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Many people believe that success comes at a high price. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Grammarly, we know that confidence and credibility are often the most accurate markers of academic, professional, and personal success stories. One thing that contributes to a person’s confidence… MORE →