A Daily Dose of Poetry: Day 17

by • April 24, 2015

Help us to celebrate National Poetry Month; share this poem with your friends! Congratulations to today’s #PoetryMonth poet, Mary Bernard! Mary blogs at Writing Mom of 3 and is a Grammarly affiliate. She has won the first ever Affiliate Poetry Contest! “‘Twas the Week Before May” Mary… MORE →

Paragraphs of Poetry

by • April 13, 2015
Anna Marketti, Grammarly, poetry

Guest post by Anna Marketti There is poetry in the way his eyelids flutter while he sleeps, his curls gently drooping down over his forehead. His complete resignation to the world inspires a similar sense of submission in my writing- deconstructing that wall between the words I… MORE →

Poetry Is

by • April 06, 2015
Kaytee Green, poetry, Grammarly

Guest post by Kaytee Green “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” (Robert Frost) We call poetry words, but this is wrong. Words are words. Poetry is something more. Poetry is something that inhabits the depths of a man’s soul… MORE →