Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Grammarly’s Affiliate Marketing Program

Eunge Liu

I love the way that coffee smells; I love the way it tastes. I love a little pick-me-up in the morning, which is why I love to start my day with a freshly brewed cup.

I also used to love Starbucks…until one opened on my street…and then another one opened up across the street. Don’t get me wrong, I still love coffee, but Starbucks has lost its charm. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to discover a local spot with a lot more personality. The coffee was great, and the place was cozy, so I went there whenever I could — and I made my friends go, too. As much as my new favorite baristas appreciated my spreading the word, they certainly weren’t spreading the wealth when all those new customers came in as a result of my recommendations. Despite all my efforts, I still pay for each cup myself (plus tip!).

Luckily, Grammarly is different. We are trusted by more than three million people all over the world. I’m sure that many of these people are telling family and friends about Grammarly, just like how I sang the praises of my local coffee joint. Unlike my coffee shop, however, Grammarly actually provides people with an opportunity to make money by promoting its service via our affiliate marketing program.

Eunge Liu For instance, Eunge Liu of WPMatter.com has been using Grammarly for more than two years. As a blog writer, Liu understands the importance of writing high-quality content on websites — and he believes that Grammarly is just the tool to help polish his language. “This is a great application for content websites,” says Liu. When it comes to producing well-written content, as he puts it, those “grammar and other writing issues usually make our [hair] white.” Grammarly reduces stress by identifying those tricky issues that might escape detection by a hard-working blogger.

Before becoming an affiliate, Liu was already an avid user of Grammarly who shared his opinion of the product with those around him. The affiliate marketing program was a perfect fit because it allowed him to make extra money without drastically changing his behavior. He joined because he believed in Grammarly’s product, and that’s a part of what makes any business successful.

This is an opportunity for anyone who likes our service. Do you use Grammarly to help improve your writing? Do you find yourself spreading the word about the product because it works for you? If you answered yes, then you are most likely a good fit for Grammarly’s affiliate marketing program.

Check us out today while you enjoy a cup of your favorite java: http://www.grammarly.com/affiliates

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