You are the Grammar Police!

by • July 03, 2014

The Internet has provided writers with an unprecedented opportunity to be heard. From publishing e-books and updating personal blogs, to commenting in forums and tweeting about your breakfast, if you are a writer you are probably writing something online.

The question is: what are you writing?

The Grammar Police

Have you ever created an online account for the sole purpose of correcting someone’s grammar? Do you keep a dictionary and a few style guides within arm’s reach? Are you the go-to person among friends and family for all grammar questions?

Attention Grammar Police: despite what you’re instincts are telling you, a few typos or mistakes are usually not the end of the world, especially in certain venues like informal message boards. Write your text, proofread it, and then let it go.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what kind of Internet writer drives you crazy, and what type you see in yourself.