You are an Academic!

by • July 03, 2014

The Internet has provided writers with an unprecedented opportunity to be heard. From publishing e-books and updating personal blogs, to commenting in forums and tweeting about your breakfast, if you are a writer you are probably writing something online.

The question is: what are you writing?

The Academic

When reading a news story or article, are you likely to head down a wormhole of research and fact-checking? Do footnotes and endnotes get you excited? Do your posts have enough ten-dollar-words for a down payment on a small house?

In most corners of the Internet, informal writing is OK, even encouraged, so think carefully about the venue before you start crafting your next treatise on the nuances of Chrome vs. Firefox, paper vs. plastic, or any other such issue.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what kind of Internet writer drives you crazy, and what type you see in yourself.