National Columnists Day Brings Out the Typos

by • June 27, 2014

Monday was National Columnists Day — a celebration of those who work tirelessly to bring us all the news that’s fit to print . . . and some that might not be.

The Grammarly team asked our Facebook fans to submit their favorite newspaper typos for a chance to win a one-year subscription to either the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, as well as their very own red pen (to catch future typos, of course).

Submissions poured in over the weekend and by Sunday night we were able to choose the most dynamic typos. Click here to see a Facebook album featuring the top ten submissions. This week, our Facebook fans — those intrepid defenders of the written word — voted for their favorite typos. And the winner, with 137 “likes” and counting, is “The Foruth on the Door”!

Fourth of July, newspaper, typo, Grammarly

Denise, who submitted the winning submission, is a lover of grammar and language. “I work for a nonprofit designing their magazine, and since we are a small department, I also get involved in the proofreading,” Denise explains. “I’m not perfect at it – grammar wasn’t my favorite subject when I was younger – but I’ve learned as I go, and keep the AP stylebook at my side. Typos tend to jump out at me, and with the piece I sent in, it was kind of hard to miss!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo of their favorite typo, and to all the commenters who kept up a rousing discussion about grammar and punctuation throughout the contest. With readers as observant as our Facebook fans, we’re betting that newspaper typos will be completely irradicated in the near future! Er, we mean, eradicated!