Grammarly Announces Winner of 2nd Annual $1,000 Scholarship

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On January 23, in conjunction with National Reading Day, Grammarly launched its second annual scholarship essay competition, encouraging students to share their thoughts on the interconnectedness between reading and writing.

We received an overwhelming response from students of all ages, in all disciplines, who wrote eloquently about how a strong foundation in reading has helped them to become better writers. After perusing your essays, Grammarly is delighted to announce the $1,000 scholarship winner: Caroline Kelly.

scholarship, winner, writing, reading, GrammarlyFrom Nancy Drew and Ramona Quimby to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, Caroline’s writing has been inspired by great characters — and great authors. According to Caroline, the best part of being a writer is “channeling all of those literary influences into something that is entirely [her] own.”

Congratulations, Caroline!

To all of the participants in this year’s scholarship competition: Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and anecdotes. The Grammarly team enjoyed reading each essay, and we encourage each of you to keep on reading — and, of course, writing.

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