Grammarly Announces Add-in for Microsoft Office Suite


GrammarlyToday, the Grammarly team officially announced the availability of its Grammarly® Add-in for Microsoft® Office Suite. The add-in combines the power of Grammarly’s automated proofreading technology with Microsoft® Office Word and Microsoft® Office Outlook®.

In addition to checking for more than 250 common grammar errors and enhancing vocabulary usage, the Grammarly add-in offers unique features such as citation suggestions. Unlike the spell and grammar checking tools native to the Microsoft Office Suite, Grammarly provides real-time context for each suggested edit. Writers can easily select the type of errors they want to focus on, then edit their work throughout the entire writing process.

Check out a short video of the product in action.

To download the Grammarly add-in, visit Immediately begin checking your text for potential writing errors by clicking the “Enable” button. Then, review errors as they appear in your text and decide whether, and how, to correct these issues based on the background provided by Grammarly.

See the full press release here, and let us know what you think!


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