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  1. […] an interview with Weird Al by Grammarly, that school for Grammar Nazis, neatly answers both these refutations. Grammarly treats the song […]

  2. […] might also want to check out Grammarly’s exclusive interview with Yankovic about the song and the challenges of proper grammar in […]

  3. […] told he was mocking the language police. I wish he were. But Weird Al is the language police: “it was obviously a real joy to be able to vent about some of my pet peeves”; “I’m always correcting […]

  4. […] missed the point. I’m afraid it doesn’t look like that’s the case – Al has spoken about the song, and confirms that he holds the beliefs it puts forward about ‘proper […]

  5. […] reasons. I’m not about to dissect a comedy video as if it were a work by Dostoyevsky—even if Weird Al himself acknowledges there’s a good dose of truth in the silliness—but I will talk about language, grammar, spelling, and […]

  6. […] Weird Al Yankovic just came out with a brilliant parody about common grammatical errors, and Grammarly interviewed him about it. Again, the great lesson was in the responses to the interview, because poor Al accidentally used […]

  7. […] via » Grammarly Exclusive: Interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic. […]

  8. […] – Interview with Yancovic on Grammarly Blog […]

  9. […] Grammarly Exclusive: Interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic – According to “Weird Al” Yankovic, … the Grammarly team reached out to Weird Al for an exclusive interview about the song and his thoughts on grammar. … (or have seen the grammar-related videos that I’ve posted on my YouTube channel) … […]

Want more good reads?

Get the best stories delivered to you each week.

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