Hilarious Homophones

by • July 25, 2013


Pictures of funny homophone errors.

Homophones vocabulary:

mussels – a small shellfish with a soft body inside a hard black or green shell, often cooked and eaten as food;

night – the period between sunset and sunrise, especially the hours of darkness;

knight – in the past, a European soldier who wore a suit of armour and rode a horse.

current – happening or existing now;

currant – a small round fruit that may be red, black, or white;

bald – with little or no hair on your head

bawled – to cry loudly

hare – an animal similar to a rabbit

What did you think? Have you learned any new words? Which was your favorite pair of words?

Guest Post by Martin at Kaplan International Colleges. Martin is originally from the beautiful city of York and has been living in London for the last few years. He loves writing and helping to create infographics. You can find more of Martin’s work at the Kaplan International Colleges Blog.