Grammarly Announces Winner of $1,000 Scholarship

by • February 22, 2013

In mid-January, Grammarly launched its first-ever scholarship essay competition, encouraging students to share their thoughts on grammar.

We received an overwhelming response from students of all ages, in all disciplines, who wrote about topics ranging from the profound impact of texting on spelling and grammar, to the quality of writing instruction in public schools. After perusing your essays, Grammarly is delighted to announce the $1,000 scholarship winner: David Ahia.

David’s “punny” essay, which describes a time that spelling bruised his confidence, is not only well-written, but it tells a compelling story about the importance of proofreading. Congratulations, David!

To all of the participants in this year’s scholarship competition: Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and anecdotes. The Grammarly team enjoyed reading each essay, and we encourage each of you to keep on writing.