Colons and Semi-colons

by • December 14, 2012

Colons often get confused with semi-colons, but they have different effects. The colon makes the first part of the sentence unimportant. It’s always the second part of the sentence that will give you the relevant information, although you need the first part of the sentence to tell you that.

Colons are used to make lists,

Don’t forgetclean the kitchen, do the shopping, and bathe the dog.

Here’s the grocery listeggs, milk, juice, bread, and fruit.

To doEnglish essay, math homework, and write that thank-you note to Grandma.

People often abuse punctuation; for examples: commas, apostrophes and hyphens.

or to separate one idea from the one which follows.

I know what to do with that cakeeat it.