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What part of speech is 'did' in the sentence- They did a great job.
0 votes, asked Jan 19 by Helen Collins
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Grammar and word structure
Moreover being a postgraduate student myself would help me to establish empathy with customers would help me to provide better ...
being +1 vote, asked Jan 19 by Marks Dograsvili
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does Grammarly affect turnitin checks
Does putting an essay on grammarly increase the risk of a high result in turnitin checks?
0 votes, asked Jan 19 by Ade Yetunde
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Can you read this and tell me if this is easy to read and understand? Also any grammatical errors
Reliability and Security Delivering “Information” to users in the most secure, fast and reliable method is critical to keeping your ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 19 by Jacki Barnes
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Word/Grammarly {roblem
Using Word and cannot open my documents because Grammarly is creating a problem. Word refuses to open anything until I ...
0 votes, asked Jan 19 by Larry W. Gamble
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On sundays he makes pizza. Sometime he fries chicken or fixes Chinese food. My mother watches and helps. She cuts ...
+1 vote, edited Jan 19 by raheel bari
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what would be a good sentence for egocentrism
what would be a sentence for egocentrism
+1 vote, asked Jan 18 by Willamena Hymes
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My Grammarly has just seized up
I do the "Click to add comma" or "Better word pair" functions and nothing happens. The green Grammarly circle arrow ...
seized up 0 votes, asked Jan 18 by Bruce
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writing fiction and the use, or not, of quotation marks
When writing fiction and presenting a "verbatum" internal dialog by one of the characters, how should that passage be identified? ...
quotes 0 votes, asked Jan 18 by John Petersen
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active to passive voice
Manisha put down her books
+1 vote, asked Jan 18 by bony
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Like or As
I can't find this answer anywhere. Do I use 'as' or 'like' when a complete prepositional phrase follows. For example ...
0 votes, asked Jan 18 by Philadoude
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Simple present usage
Why on questions I cannot use verbs on simple present tense, ex. “How many languages does Tom speaks (with “s”)?”?
simplepresent grammarticality Using +1 vote, asked Jan 18 by Ingrid Moraes
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senetences with few words -grmmar
hey i have prepared to my test so i wrote few sentences.please if tham wrong fix correct them.the specfic words ...
grammar questions english langage +1 vote, asked Jan 17 by Omri Pinchas Perel
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Passive Voice or Active Voice
Hello, I have two questions about passive or active voice. First, What is more correct: Jimmy Hendrix was thought to ...
passive active +1 vote, asked Jan 17 by sofia
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going to future with I think
My previous question was he is working hard , he will or is going to pass his exams. Your answer ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 17 by Omnia
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Usage of the word "like"
I was having a conversation today, and it went something like this: "You thought they owed you something." "I used ...
0 votes, asked Jan 17 by Morgan
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"very likely" or "most likely"?
Example 1: I will very likely ignore your request. Example 2: I will most likely ignore your request.
+1 vote, asked Jan 17 by Marita
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sentence correction
Correct the following sentences if necessary 1.that their state is in shambles.2.her hair style is in form of a ball.3.i ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 17 by Tukur Yahaya
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"Foundation of morality" vs "Morality foundations"?
Hi, which one of the two is correct : "Foundation of morality" vs "Morality foundations" "foundations of morality" sounds right ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 17 by farnaz
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what is the type of fragment in this?
"Marina dove into the ocean depths, her tail slapping the surface dismissively" I want to know if this is commasplice ...
fragement commasplice 0 votes, edited Jan 18 by omar
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What tense is this. The man would have been 3 million dollars richer if he had entered his usual lucky ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 17 by greta clogan
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Word choice
My aunty ______ (or /nor) my uncle will attend the wedding
0 votes, asked Jan 17 by Jennifer Sumit Mahajan
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All but confusion
I asked 'how many spaces are available?'The reply 'all but 3 are available'How many spaces are available?
0 votes, asked Jan 17 by Jeremy Stirling
1 answer
First, I'm a Chinese. I'm confused about the following sentence:Less gives you the ability to use nesting instead of, or ...
instead 0 votes, asked Jan 17 by 马少明
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grammar check
i wasnt sure if the word pageantry made sense in the sentence, please could you help me. well it only ...
0 votes, asked Jan 16 by Emily
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usage of "on"
"you will be informed on receipt of the document". is it correct?
+1 vote, asked Jan 16 by Indira
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Present simple
Mona. ..... at delta hospital on Thursday and Friday
Fady +2 votes, asked Jan 16 by Fady maged
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Part of speech of -ing verb
"We had a blast touring with out friends." What part of speech is 'touring'?
ing 0 votes, asked Jan 16 by Alex
1 answer
change the voice of the sentence
Do you need someone to go to the store ?
+1 vote, asked Jan 16 by Arun Gope
1 answer
Reflexive pronoun
I did it myself. I myself did it. Are both correct? Is there any difference in meaning?
+2 votes, asked Jan 16 by Z. A. Jazley
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