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'No' + [Plural noun] + [verb]: ambiguous meaning?
I am wondering if the following sentence has an ambiguous meaning: "No hugs are better than homework." Here are two ...
plural no ambiguity 0 votes, asked Nov 30 by anon445
1 answer
how to convert the described sentence to question
President Obama is the 44th president of the united states of america, now how do I ask a qustion witch ...
questions 0 votes, asked Nov 30 by Sina Parvizi
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the sentence is to be changed into present continuous
The lady coughed when i entered the room
0 votes, asked Nov 30 by surya shre
1 answer
Tone and mood
Is tone and mood the same? Can a story have a different tone and different mood? (Ex: the tone was ...
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by jim tran
1 answer
Grammatical interpretation/explanation of a sentence
BACKGROUND The "TEXT" below, an excerpt from the Constitution and ByLaws of a non-profit organization, is ambiguous and open to ...
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Bobbi A Smith
1 answer
word usage
I know English as little bit also can speak.. But how should I use some difficulty phrase in sequence manner
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Neeraj
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Tag question
Is there a tag for "let's not smoke cigar ..........?
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Z. A. Jazley
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Difference between "Aligned with" vs "In Alignment With"
Is there a difference between "aligned with" vs "in alignment with" ? Context: you will align US with OUR Inner ...
grammar Difference between 0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Zack
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Punctuation in disjointed speech
I have to write a short story for English, and in one part I have a character that is trailing ...
punctuation speech 0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Ninjin
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Subject and predicate identify
"During Mozart’s final years in Vienna, while he was famous but quite poor, he composed many of his best known ...
subject verb predicate modifiers 0 votes, asked Nov 29 by Arthur Acaster
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plz solve the grammar
use the following phrasal verbs in four sentences 1. stands aside 2.take down 3. narrow down 4.break out 5. turn ...
0 votes, asked Nov 29 by gourav kumar
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SO vs. AS in comparisons
Is one of these more correct than the other? "Nothing is SO annoying as this." or "Nothing is AS snnoying ...
so 0 votes, asked Nov 28 by Ann Hoffer
1 answer
what's the differences between using "at" and "in" in these two sentences: "why did you stay at a hotel?" and ...
0 votes, asked Nov 28 by Hiam M
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please check my grammar For english class I need to write a sentence that defines the word deride
I told the girls not to deride as they were mocking the new girls accent in class.
deride english grammar help Sentence 0 votes, asked Nov 28 by Ana ilic
1 answer
i.e. and e.g. .............. or ie and eg
Are the versions without abbreviation points correct or acceptable?
Latin Abbreviation 0 votes, asked Nov 27 by chris johnson
1 answer
is this correct? opposition mention many countries more of which in Africa that foreign aid not only didn’t work but ...
0 votes, asked Nov 27 by hnaseri
2 answers
"wanting a final decision/proof is impossible"
I used a strange sentence which is semantically similar to the one in the headline, and I wonder if it ...
semantics syntax reference phrases ambiguity +1 vote, asked Nov 27 by Mathias Herrmann
1 answer
comma before the word "too"
Is it necessary to use a comma before the word "too" at the end of a sentence? (Using one seems ...
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Margaret Tessler
1 answer
Should scholar be capitalized in this sentence: Bill Clinton, ex-President of the United States, was a Rhodes scholar.
capitalization 0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Cathy Nierman
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fill in the blank
the coconut is a ------food for many reasons such as it is the biggest seed and has a -------white liquid ...
-1 votes, asked Nov 26 by arif
1 answer
Can this answer be considered as correct?
for this sentence: "Did the tourists take photos?" It was asked to reformulate the sentence using "were" can "were the ...
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by ROBINSON
1 answer
correct tens
many things which people (do) manually in past can (do) by computers today
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Papu Bass
1 answer
In this sentence, do I need a comma before "used"? Why or why not? A door is a simple mechanical ...
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Sam Morris
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Which words in the sentence make up the adjective phrase?
the image on the previous page shows an outdoor mural that he painted.
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by shiwa ahmadi
1 answer
Can one make sound?
Is it grammatically correct to say: make more sound?
0 votes, asked Nov 26 by Tess
1 answer
Wait as a transitive verb.
My friend and I are having an argument. He says that it is proper to say "What are we waiting?" ...
transitive intransitive direct object PREPOSITIONAL 0 votes, asked Nov 25 by Faris Sweiss
0 answers
Why do you say "Who is playing tennis?" to a group? Shouldn't it be "Who are playing tennis?"
0 votes, asked Nov 25 by Diana Thornton
1 answer
Which person(s) is the following sentences referring to? I.E. First, Second, Third.
Within the following two sentences, please deliniate which person (bracketed and left open for the persons to be numbered 1, ...
0 votes, asked Nov 25 by John LaVoie
1 answer
Do i need the comma here: 3 days ago, I think.
0 votes, asked Nov 25 by Sam Morris
0 answers
Plug in for Word 2010
I just suscribed to grammarly but I'm having problem installing it in my Word 2010. This Word 2010 is in ...
0 votes, asked Nov 24 by Jimmy Ablaza
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