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Comma usage
Whatever the case may be, we have the remedy! Comma or no comma???
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Awinst
2 answers
tell me the correct form please
"read and listen to SOMEONE RECOMMEND a museum.""read and listen to SOMEONE RECOMMENDS a museum."which one is correct and why????
0 votes, asked Apr 07 by maryam
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has or have
hi I want to ask whether I use has or have and why the origins of a tune which has ...
0 votes, asked Apr 07 by sergül
1 answer
is used to vs used to & getting used to
Hi professor, Could you explain the forms of the grammar above with examples? It's quite confusing for me. Thanks. :)
0 votes, asked Apr 07 by pink
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so close - type of phrase?
Would you say that "so close" is an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase? And what would then be the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 07 by Bea Vji
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present simple plus past simple in the if-clause
Please help me understand whether I can use the past simple tense with the present simple tense in one if-clause. ...
LINK 0 votes, asked Apr 06 by jenna382montgomery
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not only but also
good evening, I have something to ask and I hope you will help me. how will I connect these two ...
0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Amina Ibrica
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By this time in a question /statement
By this time, I think you must be done with your interview. Is this statement grammatically correct? It's being used ...
by this TIME 0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Ali Tariq
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What grammar mistake is this
"Large animals are expected to occur in colder environments than smaller ones." "smaller ones" describes "environments" and I know the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Jill
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if and was or were
which is correct? If Gunsmoke was filmed in 1960..... or If Gunsmoke were filmed in 1960.....
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by julie
1 answer
tesn answer
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by lissten33@yandex.com
1 answer
in this sentence: (if we don't make too many mistakes, we should be ok). is (should) right to be used ...
first CONDITONAL SENTNECE 0 votes, asked Apr 05 by khaleel ahmed
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For the love of Mike, what does that really imply?
I normally hear white people say, "for the love of Mike..for Pete's sake..for the love of Pete.. or suffering Pete!" ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by Oscar Mapfuno
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Which word is more appropriate in this statement?
Should this statement read, "Wishing everyone a beautiful and "joyful" Sunday, or Wishing everyone a beautiful and "joyous" Sunday?
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by Doris Baker
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Punctuation Question
After seeing both versions so many times, I am starting to doubt which is correct when writing the name of ...
0 votes, edited Apr 04 by DFo
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Morphology related question and Grammaticallity and Acceptability
Why is possible to say Londoner but Miamier is not? Colourless green ideas sleep furiously. John is possible to leave ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 by Luna
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Is long right in this line?
now my hands will long to feel you.
0 votes, asked Apr 04 by joanna
1 answer
Than Usual
The word "than" is a conjunction which we use in the following sentences: - to link two sentence elements of ...
0 votes, edited Apr 04 by Philip
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ela test prep
is this a correct sentence - if the rainforests are completely cleared, the frogs will probably die out.
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by kim chin
2 answers
She or her?
He is taller than she is. If there is not "is" at the end, does it become her? A recent ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by K Lansford
2 answers
"Me" or "I" usage question
Fact: Sally is 5’4”; Jane is 5’6”. Should I say, “Sally is shorter than me,” or, “Sally is shorter than ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Jane Donnelly
1 answer
grammar/spelling question
is home-away-from-home corrrect spelling and grammar with the hyphens?
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Lynn Sheehan
1 answer
Brothers Grimm term
If i was talking about 2 random people, would i call them the Smith brothers or the brothers Smith? I ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by D
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Diagramming complex sentence
In the complex sentence, "Although some of the old folk tales are quite dark, they have come to be thought ...
diagramming phrasal participle 0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Kaisa
2 answers
Quoted sentences in a sentences
How do I correctly punctuate a sentence that has two quoted sentences inside? For example: Instead using "A plant will ...
quotes 0 votes, asked Apr 02 by Robert Sanders
1 answer
diagramming sentences
Please diagram the simple sentence : I don't know the answer.
0 votes, asked Apr 02 by linda sirisky
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What are the rules for gerunds
0 votes, asked Apr 01 by kristen
1 answer
write the possessive form of the noun in parentheses
do you like this (artist) style?
0 votes, asked Apr 01 by Jennifer
1 answer
Capitalize or not Capitalize
I am writing a letter to a specific construction contractor constructing a public works project. I make reference to the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 01 by Daniel Freeman
1 answer
word choice
SENTENCE - The visibility around this area* is simply incredible; no matter how deep you dive, the turquoise waters never ...
Word choice 0 votes, asked Apr 01 by Viv
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