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Use of apostrophe
Is "England's situation.." correct. Or should one stick to "The situation in England.." Why?
0 votes, asked Apr 10 by Harvey Dsouza
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Passive voice
How would I change this from passive to active? Does this even require a correction? See example: Even in the ...
0 votes, asked Apr 10 by Tom Morrison
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"smoke" verb in Present perfect continuous tense
Hi. Which sentence is correct of 2 below ??? Why ? Please explain. 1) I haven't been smoking for years ...
0 votes, asked Apr 09 by Zaur
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Grammar and usage
In the sentence Lea stands back a little but both her and Lisa are looking out of the window. is ...
0 votes, asked Apr 09 by Elise Köhler
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Could you please change the narration of the following sentence?
"Run,run,the owner is coming",said the naughty boy while others giggled.They were in-fact,gathering the windfall mangoes."Why are you here?I will punish ...
0 votes, asked Apr 09 by Masud
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Trouble with a possessive pronoun.
I'm trying to say my family and a friends family went on vacation together. Would it be grammatically correct to ...
0 votes, asked Apr 09 by jessica
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I need to know this sentence wright or wrong
I saw this sentence in the mall " Dear distinguished customer " i feel funny with this sentence because i ...
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Mr K
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uses of articles
A/an ewe
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by mira bose
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writing letter
Check my letter please and repair my mistakes: Dear Ann, It has been a long time since we met each ...
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Ella
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the use of the word "perform" or "performing" in a sentence.
Hi, In this sentence, (We are dedicated to perform, fund and inspire acts of kindness throughout our neighborhoods and communities) ...
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Anita Coppens
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use of articles
tell me the correct way please. It grows wings all just about two weeks. See example: All in just about ...
0 votes, asked Apr 08 by Maria del Rosario
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Singular or plural?
Can I say something like this? 'One more thing that I like is cats'
singular plural grammar 0 votes, asked Apr 07 by Mary
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check afrikaans speech grammar
Check grammar and correct
0 votes, asked Apr 07 by muaaz
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Can eny body can fix this essay
can eny please fix my essay to have a better score See example: ThereThe re' a lot of pressure in ...
-1 votes, asked Apr 07 by Franklin moquette
1 answer
which explanation is correct for "% weight loss" ? the percent weight loss the percentage weight loss the percentage of ...
-1 votes, edited Apr 07 by Delak
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Grammarly usage.
There seems to be two ways toenter text to check: 1. Upload a file. 2. Copy text. I tried #2 ...
-1 votes, asked Apr 06 by Phil Elrod
1 answer
Hello, Normal sentence : The man who is contented is happy. Inverted sentence : 1. Happy is the man who ...
0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Eun Ree
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how to make this sentence direct? she asked me if she used internet to .....
0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Abdul Salam
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French Grammarly
I thought the grammarly was in French as well? See example: Les sociétés occidentales sont désormais composées de multiples types ...
0 votes, asked Apr 06 by Julliet Enock's
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How should I use "percent" in this sentence?
Consider that a specimen is losing weight and its weight loss is expressed in ” percent” as follows:‎‎% weight loss ...
-1 votes, edited Apr 06 by Delak
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how could i wirute this is sentecne in other way
The marketing campaign should emphasise on the deep-rooted brand equity such as reputation and exceptional craftsmanship to inform their target ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by adil
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not able to use grammrly
I am student Excelsior college and have a code to use grammrly, I downloaded the plug in and I see ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by Sina Amiri
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Tense use after "by this time"
Hi, what is the right tense to be used after "by this time". Say, for example: the symptoms disappear by ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by Pal Bezsi
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Preoperational stage of Piaget.
HI how can I write below paragraph in a academic way. Jean Piaget (1896-1980) has emphasized on cognitive development of ...
0 votes, asked Apr 05 by Gagnneopaney
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please check grammar
There are 2 unions currently on site. Workers can chose to belong to either CEPPWAWU or Solidarity. Non unionised employees ...
0 votes, asked Apr 04 by Winnie Maika
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fill in the blanks
The frog ____ into the puddle of water. { leaps, leaped}
0 votes, asked Apr 04 by justina victor
1 answer
Grammarly resetting to the beginning of the book, while I am half-way thru
Hello Grammarly, Here is my MAJOR BIG problem. I am working away on my book and all of a sudden ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Alexis Campbell Jansky
1 answer
Making this sentence sound better
Good morning, How can I make this sentence sound a little better, with less words? See example: We feel that ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Marlemne Delacruz
1 answer
Please comment on the following note
Please comment on the following note :- Thanks! Dear Dad, Tomorrow is Mum’s birthday. She will hold a birthday party ...
0 votes, edited Apr 03 by Paula Lui
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Can I use the word 'practise' (verb) in this situation in a heading? Or do I need to you use ...
0 votes, asked Apr 03 by Julie Bechelli
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