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comma use
Is the following correct use of commas Your presence with us on this special day will be our cherished gift. ...
0 votes, asked Mar 28 '11 by ellen
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is this gramaticaly correct
hereby states that neither the seller nor the buyer do not know and are not aware of any party who ...
0 votes, asked Mar 28 '11 by le
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Sentence Structure
"This is a national confederate body and it coordinates as an umbrella organization which leads national effort in mobilizing resources ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 28 '11 by maya jose
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my Collage Eassy only 3-4
After Comparing American InterContinental University and my previous educational institute, Culpeper County High School, I found that my high school ...
0 votes, asked Mar 27 '11 by James Gates
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This is america or america is like this
0 votes, asked Mar 26 '11 by Miguel castro
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how can i talk about my childhood?
0 votes, asked Mar 25 '11 by shreedevi
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on Monday morning or in Monday morning?
"On Monday morning" sounds wrong for me. But I heard some native speakers say it both ways. I am confused.
0 votes, asked Mar 25 '11 by Hofi
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Sentence fragments.
Can a major sentence stand alone with only a pronoun (like "it") as a subject?
0 votes, asked Mar 25 '11 by Josh
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How much banwidth does the program use.
We are monitored as to how long we use the internet. I was not aware that once I subscribes it ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 '11 by Gail Ginalick
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legal writing
impove the sentence "Where a matter commences with the issuing of a summons and is undefended it's classified an undefended ...
0 votes, asked Mar 24 '11 by Rochelle
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legal writing
what transitional words can be used to begin a new sentence in the same or other another paragraph?
0 votes, asked Mar 24 '11 by Rochelle
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Dates and Commas
What is the proper way to write this line? Or is it correct? Constantinople, Roman Empire, April, 1204
+1 vote, asked Mar 23 '11 by Joey
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please help me correct this paragraph
In fact, the controversies arise from debate on obesity prevention make it appear difficult to overcome. But in reality, it ...
0 votes, asked Mar 22 '11 by Marcellin Marie Jonie
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Use of Accommodate
Is it accommodate or accommodates in this sentence, "Which of the following dates best accommodate (accommodates) your schedule."
0 votes, asked Mar 16 '11 by Marie Kirkman
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please proof read
ABSTRACT MUHAMMED BIN YUSOF, Nasyeed in Radio of Da’wah: A Study on Nasyeed at Radio IKIM.fm. A thesis, Department of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 16 '11 by khuzaimah
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Punctuation of a quote within a quote
I need to know the correct way to punctuate a quote within a quote when the poem title comes at ...
0 votes, asked Mar 15 '11 by Janet Gutierrez
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artwork or artworks
I could see that sometimes, artwork could use the plural but I'm not sure when exactly. I'm an art teacher ...
0 votes, asked Mar 13 '11 by Suzon
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What is the difference between can and could?
What is the difference between can and could?
0 votes, asked Mar 11 '11 by bridgit brown
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I wrote a book. It is being published. I think the dedication should have been reworded.
This is my sentence. Please let me know if it sounds right. I will have to pay, if i choose ...
+1 vote, asked Mar 10 '11 by Shari
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Capitalization of "aunt" when preceded by a pronoun
Is the title "aunt" capitalized or lowercase when it is preceded by a pronoun and followed by a name? Example: ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '11 by Janet Gutierrez
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Usage of prepositions
How and where to use prepositions? I am mostly confused in the usage of at, in, of, the, etc.
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '11 by Hamid
1 answer
In this sentence, should a comma be placed in front of the word as? "Veterans and American patriots will enjoy ...
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '11 by Sarah S. Marshall
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time arrival
how im going to say? if arrow sign goes to six o'clock mama get home
0 votes, asked Mar 10 '11 by ANALYN PARUNGAO
1 answer
When I saved the edited document to my documents and then opened it. It was in another type format..lots of ...
0 votes, asked Mar 09 '11 by Nancy Carper Hall
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Grammar correction
In the school the English should be taught by qualified teachers.
0 votes, asked Mar 08 '11 by Rajib
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I need to know how to punctuate these sentences. Also, did I use the word whom correctly?
This is my thought process for the first sentence. Mary told the man whom she called Jack to bring us ...
0 votes, asked Mar 07 '11 by Shari
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They are sick of me correcting them. They are sick of my correcting them.
I think it should be "my" but can you tell me why. Thank you. Claudette
0 votes, asked Mar 05 '11 by Claudette
1 answer
I am thankful to my God who gave soo caring Brother who is always there to love me..... Love u ...
0 votes, asked Mar 04 '11 by sambreen
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a letter to my district
My jouney in faith began early in my life, it has become strionger with my children and husband Brian by ...
0 votes, asked Mar 04 '11 by amy spangler
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how to use in a sentence
Is it proper to use "of" or "with" when using enamored in a sentence?
0 votes, asked Mar 04 '11 by Ken Laws
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