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Is the expression correct?
Is that sentence correct: "There are things in the army which should not see the light of day." I know ...
0 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by Artur Strozynski
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The meaning of this sentence.
The research will ascertain by surveying local communities the adequacy, or otherwise, or social reporting by the companies. See example: ...
0 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by ibrahim Musa
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How do I change this sentence so better
I have reworded this sentence but can make it better. See example: STSO O'Reilly must be more vigilant when it ...
0 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by Dottie Ann
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What is the correct spelling: "solubilization" or "solubilisation "?
This word is used in chemistry to describe the processes when a solid as sugar or salt (table-salt) is dissolved ...
-1 votes, asked Oct 22 '12 by Jesús Ágreda
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appreciate to further? Correct?
Is it correct to say : " I would really appreciate to further discuss with you by phone or skype". ...
0 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by maite
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what could make this better See example: Harm reduction needs to be brought to the forefront of social work education ...
0 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by susan
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due to no extension for the company's project
Please fix this sentence due to no extension for the company's project
0 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by Stevenson
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ho shoul I frame the sentence? Being the only female among seven sibilings.I have to do everything I can to ...
0 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by catherine nwala
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Please check the grammar
The first part is the identification of such customers and building an initial load for the new enterprise database See ...
-1 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by Golam Sarwar
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Drink Donations Needed For Fall Festival Booths
Does this sound right...?
0 votes, asked Oct 21 '12 by Bennie
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spelling of basies
Sentence: A majority of the questions on the survey are met on a regular basies. See example: A majority of ...
0 votes, asked Oct 20 '12 by teresabrooks
0 answers
how to chnage this sentence See example: Some patients come in the emergency room requesting for a specific test to ...
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by Meatta Gaypia
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what is wrong? how do I fix? See example: The plan was well developed, and it consisted of three or ...
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by Catherine Merritt
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I entered, "His house were nice." Grammarly found no error in subject verb agreement. See example: His house were careful.
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by paula castanon
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Squinting Modifiers
I submited the frist chapter of my story, and Lhave learned that I have a something called a squinting modifier. ...
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by Mildred Gordon
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Reciprocal Pronouns
Should I pluralise the noun that follows a reciprocal pronoun? eg. They should understand each other's role OR roles.
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by graham atkinson
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re-writing this sentence
How do I re-write it so the 'are' still brings meaning to the sentence? See example: An example of micro/meso-systems ...
-1 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by stacy apiata
2 answers
kConfusing modifiers
The investors rely on a rating to reduce total costs of borrowing securities ad perform a risk analysis for any ...
0 votes, asked Oct 19 '12 by Dorothy A. Jackson
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confusing modifiers
We’ll take advantage of the unique environment New Mexico offers and combine it with the subtler contemplative techniques for all ...
0 votes, asked Oct 18 '12 by Anna Maria Gonzales
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sentence fragment
The innocent things they say make me smile. See example: The innocent things that the preschoolers say make me smile.
0 votes, asked Oct 18 '12 by Bobbie
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How should I word this sentence?
I need information on how to reword the text below See example: After several years of partying I began to ...
0 votes, asked Oct 18 '12 by Rechelle McCray
2 answers
I am studying to be a Vocational Rehabiltion Counselor and don't know when to capitalize career names. Is capitalization used ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by Irma Lidaka
0 answers
Facing challenges to properly safeguard individuals privacy relies on the implementation of advance technology having the capability of amplifying the ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by jae orr
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Last sentence in covering letter
Can someone help me if the following sentence is correct? If you would like to get in touch to discuss ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by Xin Xiong
0 answers
plural noun in comparative clause
Is the phrase "more lives than one" correct? I think it must be, since "more life than one" is obviously ...
plural-comparative 0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by princessmonster
1 answer
Which one makes more sense to you? A or B
Oswald Avery, a Canadian bacteriologist, came closest to [A. prove / B.proving] that DNA is a hereditary molecule. I would ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by gavotte78
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how do i repphrase this ? See example: Music in this film is intensely dramatic and makes the viewers feel ...
0 votes, asked Oct 17 '12 by kyleigh
0 answers
proper grammar for this sentence See example: I was once told that I keep my expectations high, and when not ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '12 by Joanne
1 answer
correct phrasing
can you please help me rephrase this sentence? thanks See example: For no matter how powerful and wealthy you are ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '12 by Maureen Silvestre
1 answer
Correct phrasing
Please informed that we have 8 of our personnel (include spouse), birthday in the month of Nov. See example: Please ...
0 votes, asked Oct 16 '12 by Henry Soh
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